Name HeuiSeok Lim
Work Address Lyceum Room 309, Korea University, Anam-Dong, SeongBuk-Gu, Seoul, Korea
Phone +82-2-3290-2396
Mobile Phones +82-10-5546-4794
E-mail limhseok@korea.ac.kr
Present Position Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, College of Informatics,Korea University, Korea
Research Interests Natural Language Processing
Brain-Computer Interface
Cognitive-Neuro Language Processing in Human Brain
Computer Science Education
Information Retrieval
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1988.03 ~ 1992.02 B.A. in Computer Science, Korea University
1992.03 ~ 1994.02 M.A. in Computer Science, Korea University
1994.03 ~ 1997.08 Ph.D. in Computer Science, Korea University

Academic Positions

2011 ~ 2012 Visiting Scholar, Dept. of CS, University of Colorad at Boulder
2008 ~ Present Professor, Dept. of Computer Science Education, Korea University
2004 ~ 2008 Associate Professor, Dept. of Computer Information Software, Hanshin University
1999 ~ 2004 Assistant Professor, Dept. of Information Communication, Baekseok University


2017.02 ~ 2018.01   The International Conference on Interdisciplinary research on Computer Science, Psychology, and Education (ICICPE),General Chair
2015.07 ~ 2015.07   The 5th International Conference on Convergence Technology, Program Committee
2013.07 ~ 2014.07   The International Conference on Convergence Technology, Program Chair
2010.03 ~ 2012.06   The 50th Annual Meeting of the ACL (ACL2012), Local Arrangements Committee
2011.03 ~ 2011.12   International Conference on Internet (www.iconi.org), Program Chair
2010.08 ~ 2011.06   The 6th Europe Asia Pacific International Conference on Information Science and Technology, (EAPIC-IST2011), Program Chair
2010.08 ~ 2010.10   Conference of Korean Association of Computer Education, Program Chair
2010.03 ~ 2010.12   International Conference on Internet (www.iconi.org), Workshop Chair
2009.03 ~ 2009.12   International Conference on Internet (www.iconi.org), Publication Chair
2009.12 ~ 2009.12   The Korea Academia-industrial cooperation Society, Direct Assistance Chair
2009.10 ~ 2009.12   Korean Society for Internet Information Conference, General Chair
2009.12 ~ Present    Korea Copyright Commission, Advisory Member
2009.03 ~ 2010.02   Korean Society for Internet information, Editorial Boar

Teaching(in Recent 5 years)

Natural Language Processing Applications, 2017
Covers the basics of Deep Learning technology for natural language processing along while focusing on recent research papers to understand latest trends in advanced technology.
Educational Data Mining, 2014
Review the current techniques for educational data mining. Understanding fundamental principles of educational data mining and its applications.
Machine Learning, 2014-2016
This class covers recent new machine learning techniques and its application in data science, education, and classification task area.
Information Retrieval, 2013-2015
This class covers basic theories of information retrieval and techniques to implement a practical information retrieval engine. The topics are information retrieval models, text processing techniques, indexing techniques, information theories, and applications of IR, which are vital to data mining and big data analysis.
Programing Languages, 2012-2014
Discussion of the important issues in the specification, design and implementation of programming languages with emphasis on imperative programming. The objective of the course is not to master a set of programming languages but rather the emphasis is on evaluating alternative ways of providing various programming language features, and studying the trade-off involved.
Natural Language Processing, 2013
This class covers the advanced topics in natural language processing including statistic language processing, language modeling, and machine translation.
Affective Computing Seminar, 2012
This class covers introduction to affective computing including emotion recognition, expression, having emotions, and emotional intelligence.